The Number of Victims of the Lombok Earthquake Continue to Rise, 392 Died 

The emergency response oeprations to the earthquake in Nusa Tenggara Barat is entering the seventh day. Operations are ongoing. Data of victims continue to increase. Aftershocks are happening in Lombok. 


Until Saturday (12/8/2018) 392 people have diead due to the magnitude 7 earthquake in NTB and Bali. The breadkwon is as follow: Lombok Utara 339 people, Lombok Barat 30 people, City of Mataram 9 people, Lombok Timur 10 people, Lombok Tengah 2 people and city of Lombok 2 people. Most of the victims died by collapsing buildings.  


The injuries are numbered at 1,353 people, where 783 people are experiencing severe injuries and 570 people light injurires. Most injuries happened in Lombok Utaraat 640 people. Meanwhile there are 387,067 displaced people living in thousands of evacuation points. The breakdown is:  Lombok Utara 198.846 people, Lombok Barat 91.372 people, city of Mataram 20.343 people, dan Lombok Timur 76.506 people.


Physical damage include 67.875 houses, 606 school buildings, 6 bridges, 3 hospitals, 10 community health centres, 15 mosques, 50 praying places, and 20 office buildings. Data collection and verification process are still ongoing. At the moment, the data collecting and verification of damaged houses are considered priority. After this is completed the data will be processed by the Regents/Mayors for submission to the BNPB so that the owners can receive assistance to rebuild their houses. 


Assistance continue to be provided to the displaced population. Logistics assistance and volunteers continue to arrive in Lombok. The issue at the moment is the limited number of vehicles to transport the relief items. There are efforts to increase the speed of distribution by mobilising volunteers. The Heads of Sub-regencies are also working to speed up distribution by mobilising the village chiefs to help with data collection and logistics distribution to people in their respective locations. In addition the operational vehicle of the SKPD are being used to distribute the assistance. 

Distribution of assistance from the emergency command post at the Tanjung Sub-regency, Lombok Utara, is performed based by request from the displaced community coordinator or public who request assistance directly through the call centre of the command post. The Head of BNPB has communicated the lack of vehicle to distribute relief items to the Ministry of Transportation, who promptly agrees to provide busses to help the distribution. 


About 300 tents from BNPB have been distributed, as well as assistance from other stakeholdres. However, not all the displaced people have received tents.. The Lombok Social Affairs Agency have deployed 100MT of rice. Field Kitchens are established by TNI, Polri, Tagana, BPBD, NGO and volunteers, in the sub-regencies of Tanjung, Bayan and Pemenang. One public kitchen can serve 500-1500 unit of consumption. There are 20 active public kitchens that can produce up to 19,900 units of food every day. 


The availability of rice, basic food and other basic needs for the displaced people is critical considering they may remain in the evacuation camps for an extended period of time. Distribution of clean water continue using mobile water tanks. The issues now are the limited availability of water tanks, clean water,portable toilets and sanitation. Electricity has not completely recovered. At Gangga Sub-regency, Lombok Utara, the evenings are still dark. To help with lighting, 200 units of gen-set have been distributed, consisting of 100 units from BNPB and 100 units from private donation. The police continue to do patrols. At the moment the criminality rate is down by 70%. 


At the education sector, 606 educational units are affected, and 3,051 classrooms damaged, out of which 146 severely damaged, 671 moderately damaged, and 834 lightly damaged. For emergency education, 319 tents are needed, out of which 21 tents have been erected, and 298 unit tents are still lacking. The Ministry of Education and Culture have been collecting data, distributing assistance, and performing a campaign to get children back to school. The Ministry is distributing emergency assistance to the damaged school and drafting a plan to recover the damage and continue the teaching process in NTB and Bali. The Mendikbud plan is estimated at IDR 229,248,159,000. 


Until now, aftershock still continue. There have been 576 aftershocks recorded between 12 August at 15.00 WITA post magnitude 7 earthquake. The intensity of the aftershocks are small. It is estimated the aftershocks will still continue until the next 4 weeks. 


In Lombok, a lot of hoaxes or misleading news are circling around in social media. One of them mentions that between 22.30 WITA to 23.59 WITA there will be an aftershock at magnitude 7.5 and people are not to stay in their houses. There was also a hoax in social media that contain the photo and name of the Head of Data Information and Public Relations Centre of BNPB that refers to a prediction by one Dutch expert of the potential of a mega earthquake. This planet is very active with natural events like earthquake and volcanic eruptions, and therefore it is predicted that a shallow mega earthquake will happen in Indonesia. 


All of these are hoaxes. Not true. The current science and technology are still not capable to predict earthquakes with accuracy: where, when, and how big. Therefore, if people receive information mentioning a prediction of earthquake with time, magnitude and location, note that such information are not correct. Ignore and do not spread them. 


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB

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