Loss and Damage of Disaster in Central Sulawesi Reach 13,82 Trillion Rupiah

PALU CITY - The impact of a disaster always takes effect on a development. The result of development that built with great effort for a long time, suddenly destroyed when a disaster occurred. Moreover, if the capacity to deal with disaster is low, it’s certain that the impact will be great, both in death toll and economic loss. Disaster in a big enough scale directly shrinking productive capacity on a large scale that impacted to big financial loss. Even development growth in the disaster-affected area become minus or experience a decline for a certain period of time.


Likewise with an earthquake, tsunami and liquification that hit 4 areas in Central Sulawesi which are Palu City, Donggala Regency, Sigi, and Parigi Moutong that directly affected by the disaster. The impact of the disaster until Sunday (21/10/2018) 13.00 WIB, recorded 2.256 of death victim. It spread in Palu City 1703 victims, Donggala 171 victims, Sigi 366 victims, Parigi Moutong 15 victims, and Pasangkayu 1 victim. All the victims already buried. With 1309 still missing, 4612 wounded, and 223.751 take a refugee in 122 points.


Considerable buildings and infrastructures destroyed because of the disaster. The damage including 68.451 house units, 327 praying sites, 265 schools, 78 office buildings, 362 store units, roads with 168 cracked points, 7 bridges, and many more. The data is still only a temporary data and will only increase along with data collection that still in progress.


Rehabilitation and reconstruction team of BNPB keep doing data collection and fast study to calculate the disaster impact. The result of the temporal calculation for the loss and damage caused by disaster per 20/10/2018 is more than 13,82 trillion rupiah. It estimated that the impact of loss and damage because of this disaster will only increase, as this data is only a temporal data.


From Rp 13,82 trillion economic impact from the disaster, loss reaching Rp 1,99 trillion and damage reach Rp 11,83 trillion. The impact of loss and damage caused by this disaster comprise of 5 sectors of development, specifically, loss and damage in housing sector reaching Rp 7,95 trillion, infrastructure sector Rp 701,8 billion, economy productive sector Rp 1,66 trillion, social sector Rp 3,13 trillion, and cross-sector reaching Rp 378 billion.


The impact of loss and damage in the housing sector is the largest because of the massive widespread of the disaster. Almost all of the buildings in the coastline of Palu Gulf is level with the ground and heavily damaged. The advance of the tsunami with height around 2,2 to 11,3 meters, reaching to 0,5 km inland destroyed the settlement in its path. Likewise with collapsing and lifting of the settlement in Balaroa. Liquification that buried settlements in Petobo, Jono Oge, and Sibalaya caused thousands of houses to disappear.


Based on area distribution, loss and damage in Palu City reaching Rp 7,63 trillion, Sigi Regency Rp 4,29 trillion, Donggala Rp 1,61 trillion, and Parigi Moutong Rp 393 billion. Calculation for post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction haven’t done yet.


Estimated to rebuild the disaster-affected area in the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase will need funding more than Rp 10 trillion. For sure, this is not a simple and easy task, but the central government and local government will ready to rebuild. Of course, rebuilding something better and safer according to build back safer and better principle.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Information Center and PR BNPB

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