President Visits the Victims of the Lombok Earthquake 

Tanjung (13/8) – The President of the Republic of Indonesia visited the victims of magnitude 7 earthquake in Lombok this afternoon, to the sub-regency of Pemenang continued with a visit to the operational command post to hear briefing on the latest updates of the emergency opreations from the Head of the Task Force for the Command Post for the Emergency Response of the Lombok earthquake, Colonel Ahmad Rizal Ramdani, Military Commander 162 Wirabhakti, at the Super Semar field of the Office of the Regent of Lombok Utara. 

The president was accompanied by the Governor of NTB and the elected Governor, the Chief of the Armed Forces, The Chief of the Police, the Minister of Public Works and Housing, The Chief of Staff of the Presidential Office, and the Head of BNPB, when visiting the victims. The President had direct conversation with the displaced population to learn about their current condition and expectation. The communities were very enthuthiastic with the visit from the President, who then continued to visit the patients at the Medical Tents of the Health Battalion (Yonkes) that is within the building complex of the Office of the Regent of Lombok Utara. 

The President also received reports of the urgent needs for the emergency operations, including tents, toilets, water tanks, food and nutrition, supplement for pregnant mothers, blankets and medicines. The availability of concrete Smasher devices and fuel is the top priorities. Other challenge is the availability of transportation to help with distribution, damaged road, hilly and inaccessible locations of the evacuation points. 

The emergency operation is supported by the whole national capacity and NGOs and the local communities. 

The President and his entourage had direct conversation with the displaced people at the Super Semar Field, Tanjung, Lombok Utara. For the first stage, the government will provide assistance to 1,000 households to rebuild their homes.  The values of assistance: IDR 50 million/households for severely damaged houses, IDR 25 million/households for medium damage, and IDR 10 million for light damages. The rebuilding will start this week. 

The rebuilding and restoration of earthquake-proof houses will be distributed in the form of bank savings. The building process will be supervised by the Governor of NTB and assited by the Ministry of Public Housing and Public Works. The government will ensure the availability of building materials such as cement, iron and others, and will try to maintain the stability of the prices for the building materials. The rebuilding of the public facilities, hospitals and,  schools will begin two weeks from now. The President will also give out basic food package and notebook to the communities. 

The data of fatalities for today (13 August 2018) is 437 fatalities, with the breakdown: 373 fatalities from Lombok Utara, 12 from Lombok Timur, 39 from Lombok Barat, 2 from Lombok Tengah, 9 from the city of Mataram, and 2 from the city of Denpasar. There are 1,054 injuries and about 419,424 displaced people. There are 71,740 unit of houses damaged, and 458 schools damaged. In addition 189 places of worship and other public facilities were damaged. 

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho 

Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Centre BNPB

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