UPDATE Flood and Landslide: Flood Subsides, Number of Evacuees Reduces

JAKARTA – Six days after flood in Jabodetabek and around, Data recorded by the Emergency Operation Center (Pusdalops) BNPB on January 7, 2020, at 06.00 AM shows flood subsided at two spots, namely Bogor Regency 20 cm and West Jakarta 20 – 60 cm. The number of displaced people reduces significantly, before it was 36.419 people but now the total number is 14.535 people.


Meteorological Agency (BMKG) predicts extreme weather with heavy rainfall will still occur up to the next week. This cycle will repeat until February. Public is encouraged to alert and to be active monitoring weather early warning from BMKG and hand in hand to clean up drainage, water-channel, and catchment areas. These should be conducted as preparedness steps and mitigation for anticipating heavy rainfall that potentially floods. (RKD)


Agus Wibowo

Head of Data, Information and Disaster Communication Center BNPB

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